Looking To The Past

Meet Walter Noyes. He was a Public Health Inspector in Manitoba. Here he is conferring with the Mayor of Morris, MB and a Canadian Army Officer about the flooding situation some time in the 1950’s.

City of Winnipeg Staff 1907

J.H. Pearson was the City of Winnipeg’s first Chief Health Inspector from the late 1880’s to the mid 1910’s. He arrived in Winnipeg in 1871. He was brother to Winnipeg’s 11th mayor Arthur Pearson.

Ernest W. Hague was CIPHI’s first national president and founding member in 1913. He was also Assistant Chief Health Inspector for the city.

Alexander Officer was also a founding member of the Institute in 1913. He was trained in England and received qualifications as a health inspector from the Royal Society of Health. He moved to Winnipeg around 1905 – 1910. He was the longest running executive member of CIPHI as the secretary treasurer for seventeen years. He donated funds for the application of the Charter, and was one of those who signed the original Charter in 1930. His dedication to the Institute is recognized with the Alexander Officer Award that was created in 1993.